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What should you get in Bangkok a Condo or an Apartments

Looking for a place to rent in Bangkok can get confusing. In many countries, the term ‘condo’ is synonymous with the word ‘apartment’. However, in Thailand, and particularly in Bangkok, they are two distinctly different things.

A condo typically means a privately-owned unit in a condominium building owned by a management company. Condos also can refer to newer buildings with amenities like a swimming pool and fitness centre on the premises, although this is not a strict rule. There are plenty of perfectly lovely condos in older, but still well-maintained buildings. The overriding definition is that the units in the building are owned by single persons or companies that buy the unit for residential use, or as an investment.

 An apartment generally refers to a unit in an apartment building. One company or person can own the buildings. In Bangkok, the trend is going away from constructing apartment buildings in favour of building condominiums whose units can be sold individually. This is the reason that apartment buildings are generally older.

 Serviced apartments are the one new type of apartments that are still being built by developers. They usually are owned by a management company or by a hotel-affiliated company.

The Pros and Cons of Condos

Millennium Residence Bangkok pool side

Each of these types of accommodations has its pros and cons. The rental costs are generally higher in a condo, but the higher cost may be justified by the location, access to public transportation, and the amenities included on the condominium’s property.

You’re also usually locked into at least a year’s lease. Condos owners will charge you for the utilities you use on top of the rent you pay. By law, they can only charge the market rate for these utilities.

The Pros and Cons of Apartments

Serviced Apartment Somerset

A basic apartment that is not serviced is generally cheaper to rent than a condo. It won’t offer many if any, amenities. But you’re more likely to find an apartment that will agree to a shorter lease. Many apartments offer month-to-month accommodations or six-month leases as well as yearly leases.

 The problem occurs with ‘service fees’. These are additional costs the apartment owner charges on utility rates. By law, there is a specific limit to the amount owners can charge over the basic rates, but many owners exceed this limit. Because of the short lease advantage of these accommodations, many tenants agree to the increased utility charges.

 The serviced apartment is geared to the renter who is looking for temporary accommodations for a month to a year. These are premium apartments costing well over what a comparable condo with the same amenities would cost. They’re also cleaned for you regularly; hence, the name ‘serviced’.

You should look carefully at all costs of renting a condo or apartment and look at several different examples of each before you make a decision on renting accommodations in Bangkok.   


Indoor Playgrounds in Bangkok

Parents of small children used to dread rainy weekends in the city. The rain meant bored and restless kids were bouncing off the walls and wishing they could run around outside.

But with the last few years, several companies have recognised this problem and come up with a fun and exciting solution that keeps both parents and kids happy. The simple solution is the indoor playground. Many malls and standalone buildings all over Bangkok offer the indoor playground as a welcome respite for frustrated parents and restless kids.

These playgrounds offer a supervised play area with ball pits, slides, trampolines and jungle gyms which allow kids to work off their energy. Their parents can enjoy a snack in air-conditioned comfort or tend to their shopping within the mall housing the playground. It’s a win-win for the whole family.

Educational Facilities

Many of the playgrounds within Bangkok also include an area where the children can draw, paint or read as well. Some of the facilities employ trained educators to conduct reading workshops and art classes.

One of the best facilities for an educational experience is located in Chatuchak Park. It’s called the Children’s Discovery Museum. Kids who visit the museum can explore the worlds of science, culture, nature and society through interactive displays and hands-on exhibits. But they can also have the chance to work off some of their energy on the museum’s playground as well.

The museum occupies a purpose-built, recently renovated building with both indoor and outdoor play areas. There is also a library offering books to read and buy and educational materials as well.

The best part about the Children’s Discovery Museum is it’s funded by private grants and is free to the public.

Growing Popularity

Whether you’re looking for an educational experience for your child or just want a place where they run around and play, you’ll find that Bangkok has plenty of these facilities to offer. Some of them are themed experiences, and some just offer great playgrounds where your kids can work off their energy in supervised safety.

Most of the major malls are realising the benefits of having a children’s playground under their roofs and are incorporating the playground into the shopping experience they offer. To find the nearest playground to your location, simply Google ‘indoor playground Bangkok’. You’ll discover the indoor playground has become a common installation all across the city, to the delight of parents everywhere in Bangkok. 

Well Being

5 Tips for Sleeping Well

Everyone suffers from insomnia at some point in their life. Whether it’s stress-related, dietary issues, or too much noise in your surroundings, everyone has experienced the tossing and turning that comes with an inability to fall asleep when you want to. Even exhaustion can lead to sleep deprivation. 

Here are 5 tips to try if you sometimes have trouble falling asleep. We say ‘sometimes’ because if this is a regular issue for you, you should see a doctor to rule out a medical condition as the cause.

Lower Your Room Temperature

If you have air-conditioning, lowering the room temperature can sometimes work wonders. People often sleep better in room temperatures between 15 and 23 degrees Celsius. Your body’s temperature drops a bit as you sleep. Giving it a head start may help you fall asleep faster. 

Dim Your Lights in the Evening

Bright light sends a signal to your brain that it should remain alert. As your day is winding down, dim the lights in the last hours of your day. Your body will naturally begin to respond to the increasing darkness, and you may find you’re ready to fall asleep the moment your head hits the pillow. 

Don’t Be a Clock-watcher

Paying too much attention to time can be a sign of anxiety and stress. Don’t get in the habit of waking up and constantly checking to see what time it is. This will give you a focus for any stress you may be under. If you wake up, keep your eyes closed and try to remember your last dream. You’ll find that this helps you fall back asleep. 

Watch Your Diet and Eat Early

Research has highlighted the fact that a high-carbohydrate meal can affect your ability to get a restful night’s sleep. Somewhat surprisingly, a high-fat meal can help you sleep better and more restfully. If you’re suffering from prolonged insomnia, eating high-fat meals can be an answer to your problem. Just be sure to eat at least 4 hours before you go to sleep, as digestion can also impair your sleeping.

Make Sure You Exercise During the Day

Active people who suddenly experience insomnia may be able to attribute it to a sudden lack of exercise. If you’re particularly busy with work and don’t have the time to exercise on some days, you pay for it when you try to sleep. Your body won’t be as tired as it normally is, and it won’t need to rest. If you exercise regularly, sticking to your workout routine, no matter what will help you to sleep.  


Japanese Pancakes

Unless you’ve been living in a closet for the past year, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the newest sensation to hit the malls of Bangkok. We’re talking, of course, about Japanese pancakes.

Most of the world is familiar with the classic American-style pancake (although practically every country has its own version). These flat cakes, served in a stack and slathered with butter and drizzled with syrup, have been a classic breakfast staple throughout most of America’s history.

But Japanese chefs have taken this humble breakfast food and elevated it to a completely new and delectable level. And the Japanese pancake is taking Thailand by storm.

The Japanese pancake is lighter and fluffier than the American version, much lighter and much fluffier. Japanese pancake outlets are easy to spot in any mall. Just look for the long queues of salivating patrons waiting patiently to partake of these culinary miracles.

It’s All in the Preparation

Pancake Preparation

The Japanese pancake is made with the same ingredients as American pancakes – flour, eggs, baking soda, sugar and various flavourings. But it’s the way they’re prepared that makes all the difference.

This creation is a brilliant marriage of two confections, the pancake and the soufflé. The skilled chefs who invented this treat realised they could create a

much fluffier pancake by separating the egg yolks and whites. Once separated, they whip the egg whites into a meringue and then gently fold the meringue back into the pancake batter. 

The technique takes some skill to perform correctly, but it’s simple in concept, and sheer genius as the results show.

The resulting soufflé pancakes contain tiny air bubbles that enable them to be taller and airier than regular pancakes. When they’re cut into, you can even hear a sort of crackling sound. This is the sound of the air being released.

Gram Pancakes

If you haven’t tasted a Japanese pancake, you can find restaurants popping up at most malls around Bangkok. But one of the original and best restaurants is Gram Pancakes. It’s located in the basement food area of Siam Paragon. But beware, there will most likely be a lengthy queue for both the takeaway counter and the dining area.

You’ll fall in love with both the texture and the flavour of their version. It’s not cloyingly sweet, but just sweet enough. Once you try them, you’ll look forward to other restaurants close to you opening up and specialising in them.