Indoor Playgrounds in Bangkok

Parents of small children used to dread rainy weekends in the city. The rain meant bored and restless kids were bouncing off the walls and wishing they could run around outside.

But with the last few years, several companies have recognised this problem and come up with a fun and exciting solution that keeps both parents and kids happy. The simple solution is the indoor playground. Many malls and standalone buildings all over Bangkok offer the indoor playground as a welcome respite for frustrated parents and restless kids.

These playgrounds offer a supervised play area with ball pits, slides, trampolines and jungle gyms which allow kids to work off their energy. Their parents can enjoy a snack in air-conditioned comfort or tend to their shopping within the mall housing the playground. It’s a win-win for the whole family.

Educational Facilities

Many of the playgrounds within Bangkok also include an area where the children can draw, paint or read as well. Some of the facilities employ trained educators to conduct reading workshops and art classes.

One of the best facilities for an educational experience is located in Chatuchak Park. It’s called the Children’s Discovery Museum. Kids who visit the museum can explore the worlds of science, culture, nature and society through interactive displays and hands-on exhibits. But they can also have the chance to work off some of their energy on the museum’s playground as well.

The museum occupies a purpose-built, recently renovated building with both indoor and outdoor play areas. There is also a library offering books to read and buy and educational materials as well.

The best part about the Children’s Discovery Museum is it’s funded by private grants and is free to the public.

Growing Popularity

Whether you’re looking for an educational experience for your child or just want a place where they run around and play, you’ll find that Bangkok has plenty of these facilities to offer. Some of them are themed experiences, and some just offer great playgrounds where your kids can work off their energy in supervised safety.

Most of the major malls are realising the benefits of having a children’s playground under their roofs and are incorporating the playground into the shopping experience they offer. To find the nearest playground to your location, simply Google ‘indoor playground Bangkok’. You’ll discover the indoor playground has become a common installation all across the city, to the delight of parents everywhere in Bangkok.